Bathroom Update, part II

Here she is! The afters. So here is what we did.

We painted. Out with the goldenrod an in with soft gray. The color is Ash from Restoration Hardware in semi-gloss. The color is a lot more neutral and more fitting with the current fixed elements as I discussed here. Because the color is so light I decided to paint both the walls and ceiling. Our ceiling was previously painted with cheap paint not meant for high-moisture areas = peeling, chipping paint...not pretty. I also painted inside the molding on the back of the white door for a little tone-on-tone action. No one will probably notice but me, but iLove. In summary, I love the color and vie learned bright, bold color doesn't necessarily mean BIGGER impact. I don't think a room should scream at you when you enter...and definitely not a bathroom.

We added storage. We removed our chrome bathroom rack and added a pair of floating shelves. The rack was beginning to rust due to the high moisture and I couldn't find another bathroom shelf that would suit my needs. The shelves I chose are the same wood tone as the vanity cabinet so they blend seamlessly into the space. I use the shelves to store a few extra towels and wash clothes, our Sony Air unit, and a basket for closed storage - toothbrushes, toothpaste, tweezers, etc. I purchased a coordinating basket for the top of the toilet for extra TP. Even though I "lost" a lot of storage by removing the medicine cabinet and metal rack, I actually feel I gained much more usable storage. All within an arm's reach.

We got a bigger mirror. If you read my previous bathroom post, you are already familiar with my strong distaste for our previous medicine cabinet. We got rid of it! We opted for a larger mirror to fill the space that was wasted. We chose a rectangle mirror with a travertine surround. The color of the stone ties in beautifully with the counter top & floors. We found this beauty at Lowe's on a total whim. I spent weeks searching for the perfect mirror to fit in the somewhat odd shaped void...I was hoping I wouldn't need a custom mirror made, luckily this one worked out - straight from the box!

The whole process took several weeks of planning, purchasing, and researching what I wanted to do. We were able to complete the labor in a weekend, and I created the artwork a few days later. We are very happy with the update and love that our tiny bathroom is now much BIGGER in style.


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StrungByColor said...

Ooooh I LOVE! Great work, Casey!!! I love how you kept the folded towels. I know you have a special place in your heart for those. :)