Baby Makeover.

I'm obsessed with home interiors. There. I said it. So when my cousin Erica, who is expecting her first child (a girl), asked for a little input with her nursery I squealed in delight (ok, maybe not. but i was squealing on the inside).

I should've taken pics of the already-adorable room. Butttttt I didn't. It is painted in a warm gray tone, there is terrific natural light, neutral carpet (hardwoods underneath), nice big closet, and a pretty view of the backyard! What's not to love?

She was thinking of keeping the walls their current color - which I whole heartedly support. Painting = thumbs down. Walls that are pretty and already painted = thumbs up. She also has some vintage green suitcases that she wanted to incorporate....hmm.

So here is a little rendering I did to get her wheels-a-spinning. Now, when I do room "plans" - I use that word loosely. They aren't really meant to represent every little thing to the very last detail...it is just to create a feeling and to sorta visualize how certain things look together. Faux bear rug not your thing? That's completely fine, a nice tone on tone ivory stripe would also work just lovely. Hate that yellow lamp? Substitute it with a cute garage sale find. No worries.

So there you have it. My Mini-virtual baby nursey makeover! I'd love to stay and chat some more, but I've got a serious date with my dvr.

Have a great night!


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