Let me see your grill...

The day warm weather arrived...so did my desire to grill. Vince and I recently purchased this beauty to replace our George Foreman standup grill we bought about 4 years ago. Due to the fire codes in our building, we are not allowed to have grills with open flames - thus resulting in our need to go electric. Eh. Electric, schmelectric.

Sure, it isn't the grill of our dreams, but we are really enjoying putting it to good use...and making some PRETTY PRETTY delicious and healthy meals.

Here is one of our favs....GRILLED VEGGIES!
  1. Take a piece of foil and fold in all four sides about 1/2 inch - making a flimsy tray. The folding of the sides will help keep all of your goodies safe.
  2. Cut up LOTS of delicious veggies of your choice! We like, peppers, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, asparagus...yum!  I can smell it now!
  3. Add all of your veggies to your tray...I like to put the veggies that need to cook the longest on the bottom - I usually start with peppers & onions, top with mushrooms & tomatoes....all the others somewhere in between.
  4. Lightly drizzle with some EVOO, (extra virgin olive oil for all you non-Rachael Ray fans) and some fresh cracked black pepper.
  5. Throw that baby on your preheated grill (medium heat)...and you are cooking!
  6. Let veggies cook until desired tenderness is achieved...I like mine to retain a bit of texture - don't want a bowl of mush.

**DISASTER PREVENTION** When transporting your foil tray to your grill...it is probably a good idea to keep something solid underneath. I usually use a cutting board.

What do you like cooking in the warm summer months?
So fresh, so pretty!

Happy Grilling.

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